When planning on constructing a house, some of the things that come to mind are what the roof will look like, right from the design, roofing materials, and color. Understanding what to select and what to leave out can be challenging for you, especially because you are not a roofing expert. Or, let’s say the roof of your existing house is leaky, and it’s time you had it repaired or replaced. All these issues need an expert to solve. California Roof Professionals are the experts you are seeking.

Whether you want to build a brand new house, need to repair/replace a damaged roof, or are looking for a professional for roof maintenance in Los Angeles and Orange counties, we can help you. We are licensed and qualified roofing contractors who are up to date with the latest changes in the state’s building code.

We’ll ensure your roof is skillfully designed and complies with the California construction rules and regulations. Our expert roofers work faster but carefully to have your high-quality project completed on budget and on time. You can count on us to leave the work site tidy when we are done so you can start enjoying your new roof right away.

Roof Styles and Types You Can Choose

No single type of roof is best for all conditions. What type of roof you opt for depends significantly on your situation and circumstances. Things to keep in mind when choosing roof types are:

How Much of the Roof Do You See?

Your roof’s look has a significant effect on the attractiveness of your house, and therefore your home’s value. If much of your house’s roof can be seen from the ground, you can go for a high-end roof. However, if you have a pitched roof that you can hardly see, you don’t have to spend so much money on a luxurious roof type you cannot see.

The Kind of Product that’s in Your Locality

Your neighborhood tells you much concerning the roof type you can have. For instance, if you reside in a homeowner association and the houses are roofed with tiles, you’ll most likely need to go with tiles. On the other hand, if you reside in a neighborhood predominated with asphalt shingle roofs, going with this kind of roof would make sense. And if you realize it’s a neighborhood with a mix of different roof types, then it’ll be your call on what type of roof you want. 

The Kind of Product Presently on Your Roof

If you have a wood shake roof or asphalt shingle roof, you’ll have to install a less than 6lbs per square feet product. But if you have a standard weight tile, you could install virtually any product since the structure is designed to withstand a load of 10lbs per square foot.

Your Surroundings

It is crucial to consider the surrounding environment when selecting a roof type for your house. A humid climate, an oceanfront view, and trees over the roof are a few conditions that cause algae, moss, mildew, or mold and impact your roof’s performance. To avoid damaging your roof, you want to select a roof type that can withstand environmental situations of where you reside.

The Roof Application

Whether you are applying the new roof to a brand new structure, as an addition to a building or home, or a replacement roof makes a huge difference in your roof type selection. If it is a new building, you’ll have a wide range of choices since you aren’t limited to the already existing components like roof materials presently on the roof, roof pitch, and underlying roof structure composition, as you will be with a replacement roof. Adding an extension to a building or home restricts your roof type choices since the roof additions must blend in and function with the already existing roof to which it’s being attached.

Roofing Price

Check your budget to determine what amount of money you have. Roofing products differ in price significantly, and materials constitute a large percentage of your roofing cost. Other than the roofing materials, ensure your budget includes a permit application, labor, and unexpected repairs or changes. Choosing the right roof type for your house can be challenging, but an expert contractor can help you in your decision-making.

The type of roof you opt for will significantly affect your roof’s appearance. There are several popular types of roofs for your home you ought to consider. They include:

1. Concrete Tiles

Both flat and s-shaped concrete tiles are a popular roof option for many California homeowners. Concrete tiles come with several advantages. However, they also have their share of drawbacks, which you will need to consider. Their benefits include:

  • A wide range of selection over tile design and style
  • They’re thermally efficient, retaining warm air in your home
  • They require low maintenance— these tiles are highly unlikely to cause any leaks, but regular maintenance is recommended (every two to three years)
  • Extremely durable, translating to a lower lifetime cost

There are also some drawbacks to opting for concrete tiles:

  • Higher cost— roofs made of concrete tiles are more economical compared to those made of concrete tiles. However, you will still have to pay more compared to what you’ll pay for other types of roofs.
  • You need to have a strong roof— a concrete tile roof can weigh several tons.

2.  Asphalt shingles

Studies show that over 70 percent of United States homes have asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt shingles are a prevalent roof type and for several reasons. For one, asphalt isn’t only affordable, but it’ll significantly protect your home from a wide range of weather elements. Additionally, it’s also good-looking, and you could customize its color to resemble the exterior of the home by using modern additives. The benefits that come with asphalt shingle roofs include:

  • They are durable, i.e., they can protect your roof for over thirty years
  • They come in a wide range of styles and colors
  • They are highly wind-resistant
  • Little roof support needed
  • Minimal upfront cost

Some of these roof’s downsides are:

  • Can develop algae and mold issues in certain climates
  • They have a shorter lifespan if you place above attics that have poor ventilation
  • They can crack in places susceptible to rapid temperature changes

There are three qualities of asphalt shingles— good, better, best. The warranty you’ll receive regarding asphalt shingles is based on the asphalt shingles’ quality. Best-quality shingles come with the best warranties.

3.  Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is rapidly becoming popular, probably because they require low maintenance, they’re environmentally friendly, and lightweight. These roofing materials are also durable. Averagely, metal shingle roofs can last beyond fifty years, meaning investing in them will go a long way compared to other types of roofs.

While there are several benefits, installing metal roofs can be challenging, so you want to work with a roofing contractor who understands metal shingles very well.

4.  Wood Shakes

Roofs made of cedar wood shakes use wood shingles made from split logs. Because they’re mainly wood and the shingles slightly vary in size, the roofs have a highly natural and exceptional look. Wood shake roofs have existed since colonial times for several reasons. One of them is that they’re resistant to extreme weather conditions, preventing ultraviolet rays from reaching your home, thus lowering air conditioning charges. This energy efficiency characteristic makes them effective in places with a lot of sunlight. Also, wood shake roofs are eco-friendly. They provide insulation that helps reduce energy costs. Apart from being made from wood material, they also have a minimal effect on water runoff quality.

The fact that wood shakes aren’t fire resistant is a primary concern. However, most manufacturers smear a fire-resistance coating on them for added safety.

Wood shake roofs come with several advantages. However, it requires an expert to install them. Consequently, they’re slightly costly compared to asphalt shingle roofs, but their energy efficiency and durability are sufficient for most homeowners to try them.

5.  Clay Tiles

Manufacturers make clay tiles by baking molded clay. They could change the temperature and period they heat this clay to form varying textures and thicknesses. Apart from coming in different shapes and sizes, these tiles are generally available in shades of brown, orange, yellow, and white.

Clay tiles are durable (they last between fifty and seventy years). They are also fireproofed and resist fading. In addition, the tiles are compatible with homes with Spanish architecture.

Whereas they’re visually appealing, these tiles aren’t suitable in fluctuating weather climates since they erode. High winds can also take a toll on them with time.

6.  Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are upscale and sophisticated kinds of roofs. They’re concrete-made, making your home resistant to fire and rot. They’re highly durable (can last 100 years) and easy to maintain.

Whereas they give a natural appearance and are durable, these roofs have their drawbacks too. For one, their weight and cost mean they require high-level expertise when installing them. These shingles are also prone to damage if you walk on them, making gutter cleaning and maintenance difficult.

Popular Residential Roof Styles In California

There are several roof styles for your home, but we have specific designs uniquely suited to California. They include:

Mediterranean Roof Style

The Spanish influence in California has brought and increased the popularity of the Mediterranean roof style. This roof style takes much of its design cues from its Spanish forebear. The style is characterized by overlapping tiles, stucco on the outside, and a low-pitched roof that is immediately recognizable.

Craftsman Roof Style

The primary characteristic of craftsman roof style is it uses wooden features in the home, like built-in shelving and seating. Houses with craftsman roof styles have wide overhanging eaves, many decorative gables and braces, and framed porches. Most of these homes also use exposed rafters.

Spanish Roof Style

Spanish roof style takes its artistry from the original in Spain, but with a colonial roof. These kinds of roofs have a shallow pitch and mainly use the traditional reddish-orange ceramic tiles. They appear like overlapping waves connecting in roof valleys to give a stunning effect. These roofs are ideal for areas with regular sun combined with heavy rains, just like California.

Modern Roof Style

The emphasis with modern roof styles is on simplicity, straight lines, and geometric shapes. Modern roofs are prevalent in California, where homeowners push the boundaries of what’s acceptable architectural designs. Modern roofs tend to utilize exposed roof beams and rely on more advanced roofing materials, such as metal or asphalt shingles.

Choose a Roof Color that Matches Your Home’s Exterior

Given the wide range of roof styles and types currently available, homeowners have a substantial say over how they want their homes to look. So, how do you know what color of the roof to choose to match your home? Consider this:

  • Take into account curb appeal — if you are planning to resell your home in the future, your roof color should be one that will most likely attract purchasers. You should, however, stick within the style boundaries of your home, if possible.
  • Go with the same color, but a different shade— matching your roof’s color with that of the walls does not work. Rather, the roof’s color should be of a different shade, often darker.
  • Consider lighting— how light shines onto your roof changes its appearance. Therefore, when selecting a roof color, ensure you go for one that looks attractive from dawn to dusk.

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